Number of sessions: 5 week course, held in 5 consecutive weeks

Taster session available: Yes, you can attend one session to see if you would benefit from the session

Location: In a range of locations across the Borough, more information is available on booking


Stress is a very common problem that can impact our daily life, health and wellbeing. Stress Control is a five week evening course that aims to help you better understand stress as well as learn strategies to become your own therapist in tackling your difficulties.

This course provides strategies to help you manage stress. It focuses on supporting people with multiple demands, helping ensure they have a balanced lifestyle and introducing techniques around balancing different areas of life. Strategies are taught to help with prioritizing demands, problem solving and assertiveness. The workshop will include the following topics:


  • Stress, medication and values
  • Controlling your body
  • Controlling your thoughts
  • Controlling your actions
  • Taking control of your sleep, wellbeing and future


This course runs for 60 minutes each week for 5 weeks. There is also a booster follow-up session that takes place 3 months after completing the course.




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