Wandsworth IAPT Patient Experience Questionnaire Report
April 2018 – March 2019








Introduction – the form


Satisfaction ratings


Comparison with data from 2017/18


Summary and Conclusions

Appendix i

PEQ form

Appendix ii

Graphs showing scores for individual statements



This report details the main findings from the Patient Experience Questionnaires (PEQs) returned by service-users who completed therapy with Talk Wandsworth from April 2018 – March 2019.  310 service users completed the paper PEQ during this period. 


The form

The PEQ used by Talk Wandsworth (appendix i) is based on the questionnaire developed by the national IAPT team.  It takes the form of seven statements.


  1. I am satisfied with the time I waited for my first and subsequent appointments
  2. Staff listened to me and treated my concerns seriously
  3. I was involved in making choices about my treatment and care
  4. The service has helped me to have a better understanding of my problem
  5. I had confidence in my therapist and his/her skills and techniques
  6. On reflection, I received the help that mattered to me
  7. I would recommend Wandsworth IAPT Service to a friend


Each of which respondents are asked to rate:

  • strongly agree
  • agree
  • neither agree nor disagree
  • disagree
  • or, strongly disagree


Satisfaction Ratings



The following represent findings from the 310 respondents in the form of ‘valid percentages’, which means that analyses of the results have not included any missing data.

The percentage scores below are the sum of those who answered ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ to the various items.






(Graphs showing scores for individual statements are in appendix ii)


Comparison with data from 2017/18

The table below shows the combined percentages of ‘Strongly agree’ and ‘agree’ responses alongside those for 2017/18.





Waiting times



Staff listened and took my concerns seriously



Involved in treatment choices



Helped me to gain understanding



Confidence in therapist



Received the help that mattered



Would recommend to a friend




The above suggests an increase in satisfaction with many aspects of client’s treatment in 2018/19 compared to 2017/18. Most noteworthy is the improvement in satisfaction with receiving help that mattered which increased by 6%. There were two small decreases (by 1%) in clients feeling that they were involved in treatment choices and recommending the service to a friend.



Summary and conclusions



The satisfaction ratings for all items on the PEQ combined was 92% which is the same as that for 2017/18 and 2016/17. This suggests that for those who complete therapy with Talk Wandsworth, there is a very high level of satisfaction.


PEQ returns

Only 310 paper PEQs were completed in 2018/19. This is an increase in the number of PEQs returned in 2017/18 (268). In 2016/17, 517 PEQ’s were returned after completing therapy.  PEQ is available on IAPTus for clinicians to send electronically with other questionnaires at the end of treatment. This can be used for either Step 2 Guided Self-Help treatments, or Step 3 CBT sessions, either for telephone sessions or face to face.   The PEQ on IAPTus however does not include two statements, so despite having some data from the electronic PEQs, we cannot add this to the paper PEQs results, as the overall number of responses will be different for some statements (i.e. two statements will have a less number of responses overall compared to the other five statements).


Waiting times

Satisfaction ratings for waiting times have increased by 2% compared to the previous year’s PEQ returns.  This suggests that the services sustained focus on waiting times is having a positive impact on client experience. 


Therapist Skills

There was a very high satisfaction rating for the therapists’ skills, increasing by 3% compared to 2017/18.


Clients Comments:

‘Staff were friendly and approachable, always kept within time and started on time. They were also very understanding and non-judgemental’

‘Great workshop. Really helped me to understand why I feel like I do, and practical tools to manage it. The session was run professionally and at a good pace’


‘Exceptionally friendly therapists who took all individual concerns seriously and treated al in the group with respect. I felt comfortable in the group and would recommend to others’

‘Helpful, constructive, efficient – good use of time. Excellent service. Love the NHS’

‘Group leaders were very encouraging, patient and responsive. Felt I could talk safely and openly’

‘I was very impressed with the attitudes and professionalism of everyone I encountered through Talk Wandsworth. The approach and design of session are varied yet applicable’

‘When the group first started I was feeling low and hopeless. But through using the techniques learnt in these sessions, I have been able to regain my confidence – even to a point where I have managed to get a new job and start dating again – two things I initially thought were impossible at the beginning. Thank you so much.’

‘Excellent service, great workshop. Service and therapists have been very valuable and I think services likes yours are integral to people with issues and an excellent use of NHS funding. Can’t recommend enough.’

‘It’s been really helpful all the therapists have been very supportive and skilled at facilitating the sessions. From the first session, it was clear that the group setting was very helpful in terms of comradeship, seeing that there are others going through similar and normalising it a bit. Overall, a really positive experiences, lots of useful tools that I’ll take forward. 

‘Very quick between referral to appointment to group sessions. Excellent facilitators, clear examples, patience with the group, felt like they could answer any questions. Short sessions make it manageable and not too demanding on time. 

‘I’ve had a wonderful experienced and I would highly recommend the Talk Wandsworth services. My therapist has been absolutely lovely and made me feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings from day one. 

‘I’m grateful that I live in Wandsworth and mental health services are available quite quickly. I know this has supported me in my mental health journey’

‘Thank you so much it was very helpful and insightful. The therapists were nice and thoughtful and even thought it seemed daunting at first to be in a group, it was actually helpful and made me feel better to hear people with similar issues and behaviour and I think it made the overall therapy more effective’

‘I have loved coming to Talk Wandsworth. My therapists have been amazing and very supportive. I feel so grateful that they have given me strategies and hope. Before I came I didn’t know how to move forward. Now I do – and I know it isn’t just a change overnight but it is a process. Talk Wandsworth is an amazing place’ 

‘I feel this service has been extremely useful and I am so glad that I had to the opportunity to do this. It has made my life so much more manageable and I am really appreciate of the course ‘