We are always keen to hear from people once they use our services so we can continually improve. You can see the main findings from our annual report below


The following represent findings from the 535 respondents in the form of ‘valid percentages’, which means that analyses of the results have not included any missing data.


The percentage scores below are the sum of those who answered ‘agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ to the various items.


April 2015-March 2016






Summary and conclusions


The satisfaction ratings for all items on the PEQ combined was over 90% which suggests that, amongst those people who complete therapy with Talk Wandsworth, there is a very high level of satisfaction.

Waiting times

The highest satisfaction ratings in respect of waiting times were for group treatments, which tend to have shorter waiting times than Step 2 and 3 treatments. However, those respondents who indicated dissatisfaction with waiting times did not report a lower level of satisfaction with the therapy that they ultimately received. This suggests that, whilst reducing waiting times must remain a priority for the service, for people who complete therapy longer waiting times do not seem to interfere with their level of satisfaction with therapy itself.

Therapist skills

There was a very high satisfaction rating for the therapists’ skills, regardless of the therapeutic intervention (step 3, step 2 or group), which would appear to be an overarching endorsement of the quality of the therapies provided.

Service-user comments


‘Great to learn from the other group members. Really helped me rethink my problem’.


‘It was very helpful. I would live to repeat this course in the future for better practice. It is so helpful’.


‘My wellbeing practitioner was hugely supportive and kind. Her self-help advice proved valuable. I will use her advice going forward’.


‘Therapist really helped me overcome my low mood and low energy. I am now in a better state of mind than I was few months ago. Thank you’.


‘I found [Therapist name] to be very patient, understanding and competent. The sessions really helped me and I would not have been able to improve my life without her help. She stopped me feeling embarrassed and helped me gain confidence’.


‘I have had an exceptional experience over the last few months. The service has exceeded my expectations. I am leaving feeling equipped and hugely supported’.



Patient experience and PALS

The views of service users, their carer’s, friends and family are at the heart of improving the way we deliver our services.

We are committed to delivering good quality care. Your feedback will help us understand what we do well and what we can do better.


We are keen to hear your views, good or bad and there are a number of ways that you can do this:

  • You can call our dedicated Patient Experience Team and talk to someone about the service you, or the person you care for, has received. The team has a dedicated Patient Advice and Liaison Services (PALS) line: call on 020 3513 6150**


  • Patient Opinion is an independent website giving you an opportunity to share your experiences, good or bad. Dedicated responders at the trust will make sure your comments are responded to and fed back to the right people.https://www.patientopinion.org.uk/


**The PALS line is open from Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm